This week’s episode with with Dr Tia Kansara. Tia is an author, speaker and global leader on the topic of sustainability. She is an inspirational leader on a global campaign speaking with political leaders, policy makers and influential corporate leaders to advocate for a new ecosystem that could transform the way we live.

She shares her movement called Replenish Earth, where it she is driving the philosophy of giving back to nature more than we take.

Replenish Earth is the philosophy of living in harmony with nature; it is a cause and a collective action to protect the global commons – the natural resources we all share

The Replenish economy is founded on the principles of the World Replenish Index, a market place which transcends and includes GDP to 100% compostable products conscious of our environmental impact. Through the WRI, Dr Kansara and her team are able to investigate the impact of our waste disposal habits beyond national borders and positively reinforce behaviours and businesses that are aligned with this.

She’s travelled to more than 80 countries so far and her campaign is gaining real traction with world leaders. In this episode we talk about the challenge of our massively growing cities and how we can nudge them to become more sustainable. How as individuals we can, each day, with the choices we make, make a difference. And a lot more. If you want to subscribe to Replenish Earth and be actively involved you can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also buy the book Replenish here.