People My Dog Would Like

People My Dog Would Like is podcast where I get to chat to interesting people about their game changing ideas, fresh initiatives and out-of-the-box movements with an eye on the future.

Cha Cha my dog is a simple lass. She likes kind people, who treat her well and I reckon she’s a great filter. I named the podcast in honour of her for a bit of fun and I guess it’s me tipping my hat towards a smarter, more compassionate future for us all, and hope the stories and topics inspire you and make you laugh too.

Just check the little sweetheart out here……

Super cute

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People My Dog Would Like

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It’s been a passion on mine for so long to interview cool people about crazy and inspiring things they get up to, and the amazing tales they have to tell about the adventures they’ve had doing what they do. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating what it is to be human in a time of unprecedented change and like me, see the exponential tech revolution taking place in front of our eyes as a good thing for humans and actually making for a more creative, fun, inclusive and caring society where we make smarter decisions for a more sustainable planet.

I’d love you to suggest people we could have on the show, so take a punt, email me or contact me on either instagram, twitter or facebook and let me know what interests you, what you care about, and who you want to know more about.

It’s all about you listeners, about hearing your stories too, so get in touch and I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you. I really mean that. And so would Cha Cha – she’s waiting!