Airports are so boring if you don’t want to buy….. dry, monolithic, dull places to be. And we spend a fair bit of time there. So why can’t they be places of discovery, curiosity and fun? They don’t need to be mean spirited and just about money. Just look at Helsinki airport. Or Munich. Passengers go early just to enjoy the experience.

What if Nike ran an airport? Or Sony?

Imagine a second Sydney airport celebrating Australian culture, and that provides a showcase for young fresh entrepreneurs who are brilliantly reflecting the young, hot vibe of the city?

It’s the reason why the partnership between Hassell Studio and Freestate UK driving the human experience in design is so exciting for Australia. Here Adam Scott and Mark Wolfe talk about Sydney airport and their drive to “make airports a generous host” and more compellingly, “Sydney has a chance here to get it right”.

An exciting and wonderful conversation covering airport design, joyful experiences, vujaday (you have to go 48.45 to get this – just delightful), smart tech and future cities with these two wonderfully inspiring, fun and future thinking architects who I truly hope are in poll position to create a truly unique and engaging space in what would give western Sydney a MASSIVE economic boost and a reason to celebrate.