My Guest this week is the award winning, inspirational Dr Catherine Ball, Scientist, Founder of SheFlies, Gumption Trigger, Author, Entrepreneur, Ethics Advocate and Convenor of the World of Drones Congress who is, quite simply, the international Queen of Drones.

So much information packed into this episode, there are hyperlinks in all the show notes below so you can check out all the topics and companies we touch on. And what do we talk about? So much. From behavioural innovation, where Dr Ball stresses we are all innovators at heart, to the incredible application of drone technology in all our lives, to the future of our economy and where the jobs will be in this space, to giving my daughter advice on good writing. We cover it all.

She’s one of the most inspiring, compassionate women I’ve met in my lifetime and I just know you are going to really love her philosophy on why championing getting rid of rich list and replacing it with a social enterprise impact lists should be higher on all our agendas. She’s about to have a baby so we talk about what its like to be pregnant at 38 and why its so important we all support each other, and not tear each other down with judgement and criticism. An incredible woman full of spunk and spark, I really hope you enjoy the conversation.

She Flies
Gumption Trigger
World of Drones Congress
Geospatial Data Analysis – Google Maps
Unmanned Aerial Systems
Project Wing
Drone Discussion Paper
Pacific Humanitarian Challenge
Open Data Platforms
Driverless cars vs Drones
Artist Drones
Digital mining
Cyber Institute – ANU
Brian Schmidt
United Nations Food Program
Heavy Lifting Drones
Jet Pack Ambulance
Grenfell Tower
Annie Parker – Fishburners
Cathy Reid and Epic Group and Icon Group
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Peta Ellis – River City Labs
Shelley Dunlop – Inspiring Australia
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