My conversation this week is with Sacha Kaluri and Sonya Karras, the gorgeous, delightful hosts of the Sonya and Sacha Show. Authors, co-founders of TeenageExpo, one of Australia’s largest educational teen events and keynote speakers sought after by schools, parents, corporates and not for profits throughout Australia to guide parents talking all things teens.

They are authors of the recently released manifesto for parents: The Two Worlds of Your Teenager. It sold out on its first print run before it hit the stores.

Their friendship spans 17 years and in this time they’ve been working with teenagers on a daily basis. They understand that while teenagers experience many changes in their lives, there are two big areas that come into full bloom about the same time as each other: social life and thoughts about a career path.

Sonya and Sacha are experts in these two areas. They believe it’s the parent’s job to be well prepared for this often confusing time in their teenager’s life. Then when your children really need help they will confidently come to you, their parents, because you understand what’s really going on. The purpose is to make sure the forever-widening gap between teens and their parents becomes narrower and narrower. They believe the more choices, options and information a teenager is given, the more likely they are to make positive choices, especially when faced with a tricky situation.

For two years running have been the official Australian ambassadors for the United Nations New York Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and are running hot. Here we talk about their friendship, kale, how lucky they feel and how tough it is to be a parent and a female entrepreneur, advice they’d give their 20 year old selves and a load more. They are a huge support for each other and great advocates for how to support women in the entrepreneurial space. Had such a fab time with them, hope you enjoy the chat.