Omer Molad is co-founder of Vervoe, a start-up on the precipice of changing the face of how companies find their teams. They’re changing how you and I will find work in the future. They’re bringing “fair” to the way companies connect with their prospective team members. Better than that, actually fit people into gigs we love and suited to what we are actually good at. They’re humanising recruitment and its a win- win scenario.

We talk about the inherent bias of resumés. But now you don’t need fancy back story. You don’t need to have gone to a top school. Or uni. Or have worked at a well branded company.

Molad talks about a way to link candidates with employers where the best one fit for the gig will be the one who gets it. It’s a platform giving people every possible chance to shine.

He’s about to take off on a global trip of world domination and I’m feeling this is just the beginning for Vervoe. Super cool way for people trying to find their way in a new economy, and land that dream gig. They are literally starting a movement around recruiting, making it less bias, more transparent and giving everyone a shot.

We also talk about what its like to chew one sultana for six minutes…. and the simple things that make him happy. And his crazy Rhodesian Ridgeback. Cha Cha would love him, I’m sure.