This week the world celebrates International Women’s Day and I wanted to use the opportunity to speak to a friend and associate who I admire and have wanted to have on for some time. Michel Hogan is an author, communicator and serious thinker who’s alternative perspective on life and big, sticky issues regularly gets my attention – she’s a great chick, having successfully run her own business since the age of 25. It was a real treat to have her as my guest and share some of her wisdom and also share a laugh.

“The only things that are in your control are your thoughts and your actions, nothing else should disquiet you.”

We talk about her professional life and the work she does with individuals and organisations, helping them deliver on the promises they make to their customers and clients and in doing so helps them build relationships lasting a lifetime. The stuff we both care about, authenticity, integrity and saying what you mean and doing what you say. Her lovely five practices each day are my favourite take away.

We talk about what International Women’s Day means to her and her take on the worldwide campaign for equality which still has a long way to achieve its goals and what she sees organisations are doing in the space to #pressforprogress.

Michel is a student of stoicism, a philosophy I also love and yet struggle to maintain. Or should I say practice. We talk about how this plays out in her life and how she draws on it to lead a more accepting, peaceful life.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes
Michel can be reached through her website, on twitter @michelhogan and here at LinkedIn – shoot her an message through any of these links.

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