“Disrupt or Be Disrupted”


This week I had the opportunity to speak with Lance Rubin, Founder of Model Citizn and CFO of Banjo. He’s one of the best financial modellers out there, but what he talks about is strategy. Smart financial modelling for any business is strategic for the future of any business, whether its a sole operator or startup, through to an SME or even large organisation – to stay relevant…..to ensure you don’t get left behind. And let’s be honest, cashflow keeps that concept very real. So we talk about this a bit. But we talked at length about banks, and why the culture inside them make a tsunami moment for our economy inevitable.

I wanted to get Lance on having had a conversation with him a few months ago about his time working for one of the big four banks in Australia, that we all know have a choking hold on the financial system here. I asked him what it was like to work in the system, what the mood was like in the bank, what the culture felt like, what made him leave and what he’s been doing since. It was illuminating.

Needless to say it was refreshing to know there is hope for many in the sector who are looking at inevitable unemployment if they remain in the ‘system’: disrupt or be disrupted. It was great to hear how Lance turned what was a pretty tough situation to his benefit. You could do this too, some great tips, and a genuine guy keen to help others who are interested in moving into their own area of financial consulting, or indeed, a startup of some kind.

Lance is from South Africa, he doesn’t pull punches, he’s a no-BS kinda guy. I liked my conversation with him a lot. He’s big on a generative mindset, staying open and positive, and jogging. Loves his LinkedIn time, where he gets to engage with his ever growing number of followers, and encourages any of you to reach out and connect if you want to have a chat about “where to from here”. You can reach him through any of the links in the above text and of course through me if you want an introduction.