This week I spoke with John Lyotier, co-founder of Left, and it’s recent offshoot, Rightmesh. The tagline for Left is We do things right. For Rightmesh, Changing the way the world connects. And they will. Without hooking into the internet. My conversation with John was a reminder to me that there are serious game changers out there in the tech start up space who will CHANGE THE WORLD.

He chatted to me from their office in Bangladesh, where they employ a dedicated team of doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and business strategists to solve one of the world’s biggest problems – ensuring the unbanked two billion people get access to an economy that they could not enter before now. They do this by engaging citizens into the mesh.

Rightmesh is a decentralized mobile mesh for smart phones and IoT devices and their mission is to connect the next billion users. He’s got an incredible team working for them, specialists in working with mesh technology, and well….. I was so blown away by the sheer breadth of what could be achieved through the tech for the unbanked and world’s poor that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

If John is anything he’s a wonderful storyteller. He talks about how he met his co-founder Chris Jensen, and how the companies formed – one seemingly accidentally morphed into the beginning of the other. But there’s no coincidence really. He’s got a big heart and his northstar is doing good in the world. Getting things right. And the company and its culture epitomises just that. And lifting people in countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia out of poverty. And god damn it it looks like he’ll go a long way in getting there.

We talk about how the tech works, the wonder of blockchain underpinning it and how it will have huge economic and social repercussions for those living in urban centres in developing countries.

I hope you get a chance to have a listen.

Can’t wait to watch where Rightmesh go. To infinity and beyond. Incredible.