This week I had the chance to speak with Dr Jane Thomason, a global leader driving the application of

 for positive social impact. Global Ambassador for the British Blockchain Association and CEO of ABT Associates, a global consultancy of “bold thinkers driving real-world impact”, Dr Thomason is working with the UN and other organisations to drive economic and social inclusion for the world’s most vulnerable. 

Dr Thomason’s focus is on last mile populations and emerging economies. We talk about how the use of blockchain technology has the potential to create life changing micro economies in locations where people are not connected to the internet – which effectively will facilitate access to a global economy. She believes that the cryptocurrency conversation often gets in the way of more important societal conversations she would prefer to be having with policy makers globally. Too true.

There’s a huge amount of education needed for people to understand the importance of new and emerging technologies and what we can achieve as a society with their acceptance and uptake. So we talk about education and the disruption to come.

We talk about crypto philanthropy –  a new kind of impact investing – where the new wealthy wanting to invest ethically, wanting to see the world as a better place.

We touch on the potential of a new societal structure – organised into decentralised autonomous communities – that are emerging using blockchain and tokens serving to connect people around a project or issue. It could bring on major social restructuring allowing people to move beyond the boundaries of our traditional sovereign state governments. Where people are aligned on values and beliefs. Projects that focus on mitigating climate change – it’s pretty inspiring.

Dr Thomason is an advocate for women getting into STEM – in both schools, college and through working collaborations, and she shares the advice she wished she had when she had her own kids at school. It’s clear and education revolution needed and soon.

I hope you enjoy the chat, she’s a remarkable woman, I can’t wait to have her back on the show to discuss her inspiring projects changing the lives of people who really need the help. Just brilliant.