This week’s episode I get to chat with one of Australia’s experts in VR and AR – or if you’ve been living under a large boulder for the last decade, virtual reality and augmented reality – Associate Professor Ben Horan. Ben heads up the VR Lab for the CADET (large fancy and leading edge engineering faculty at Deakin University. He’s respected by his peers in the industry and being on point about all things VR and mixed reality.

In this episode we dive into the future of what this technology will bring, its been a big year for the technology, – Apple have hired NASA’s VR King and other large operators like Google and Amazon are also investing heavily in the technology which will of course shape the future of what they will offer their customers.

Ben’s first and foremost a teacher at heart, He loves the impact AR, VR, or mixed reality and haptics will do in the field of education and training. It will transform the sector and provide a more immersive, intuitive learning experience for students in the field of medicine, health, disaster relief, manufacturing, construction and many many more. Its a real game changer.

Ben also talks about a companies like Zero Latency, a Melbourne outfit working at the forefront of VR tech globally, who work alongside other global players who are in their own way, paving the way for a future that will be augmented and fully immersive in the gaming world.

It was such an honour to have him on – no really….. He was expecting his second baby three days after our conversation, so…. you could say, he was pretty aware he had his own level of transformation happening personally ;-). Wishing him a magical few months watching his baby grow and finally letting himself take some well earned time out. A great guy and someone I think we will see a lot more of in the future.