This week I had a chat with Alex Lubinsky, co-founder and CEO of Rentberry, a decentralized long-term rental platform that has been disrupting the rental industry since 2015. Rentberry’s platform has been a game changer through automating steps within the renting process, from signing contracts to paying rent online. The feedback from users of the service – now in 300 cities scattered throughout the United States – has been positive, saving both tenants and landlords time and money, while speeding up the legal contracts between parties.

The biggest standout for me however is Rentberry’s application of blockchain and smart contracts technology offering tenants the ability to save thousands of dollars in rental security deposits, by using a crowdfunding mechanism which is due to start rolling out in March/April 2018.

Rentberry CEO Alex Lubinsky says, “$500 billion dollars are frozen in rental security deposits. Rentberry is the first international solution to help quality renters unlock billions of dollars, while streamlining the process of finding apartments, paying rent, and everything in between.” Love the crowdsourced nature of funding tenants’ deposits returning significant return on investment for those willing to participate in the ecosystem.

During our conversation we talked about their current ICO which is hoping to raise $30M and due to finish by February – to fund the investment required to grow the business. Their sights are high this year to expand to Australia and NZ, with other countries to follow soon after including the UK. They are receiving a huge amount of positive press and I’d imagine the sky is the limit for where this company will be headed.

Last year they picked up a couple of global awards for their business model, and their partners and investors are the real deal. One worth watching, and participating in if you are so inclined. Hope you enjoy our chat, was an absolute pleasure having Alex on.

Disclaimer – The author has personally participated in the Rentberry ICO and owns tokens.