This week I had a chat with Adam Jacoby, Entrepreneur, Activist, Co-Founder and Chief Steward of the global democracy movement, MiVote. MiVote at its heart is a community decision making and voting platform where everybody has a say on the decisions that get made on your behalf in parliament. It’s bringing the will of the people back into politics. And you can do it from your phone.

Adam and the MiVote team just returned from Davos, Switzerland, where they were met with keen interest by heads of state. This has led to the scheduling of follow up meetings with national leaders keen to work with the MiVote platform in their respective countries. Charlie Caruso has recently joined the team as MiVote’s Head of Global Growth, a reflection on the significant traction the movement is gaining globally. There’s a lot going on, and further announcements will be coming soon.

Adam, like many of us, continues to remain concerned about the quality of leadership in Australia and the world – leadership that is meant to be guiding us on important decisions and broader challenges both here and globally. Money, status, ideology and power have corrupted our political system and our politicians. It’s time for a change.

MiVote is a unique, smart and robust answer, or antidote, to this legacy system.

Through the use of blockchain technology embedded in the MiVote platform, Adam and his Co-Founder, Hamish Hughes, have created a model and mechanism to drive greater transparency and legitimacy to drive better public engagement and participation which will change the face of democracy.

” Democracy is about the voice of the people and politics is about power. There’s too much politics in our democracy and nowhere near enough democracy in our politics. ”

If you are interested in learning more about the organisation you can get in touch with them directly through MiVote’s website. They are about to announce the appointment of a CEO and are looking for people interested in getting involved in a movement about to take off globally.

MiVote are searching for good candidates. If you are interested in becoming a candidate or advocating on their behalf Adam would love to hear from you. Get in touch with them!

Adam’s twitter handle is @adamajacoby where you will also find him tweeting about everything from politics to sport, puppies and family. 

A wonderful chat with an extraordinary individual, I hope you enjoy our chat.