This week I was keen to discuss the topic of blockchain technology and the potential is has in store for us all and invited two women on the show as my guests. Katrina Donaghy, co-founder of Civic Ledger, has so much energy and I hope provides you all with some clarity on blockchain tech. Civic Ledger is an Australian startup that uses the best of emerging technologies to transform a wide range of business process challenges faced by public sector regulated markets. I also invited Akasha Indream into the conversation who is founder and Chief Editor of Miss Blockchain, an online news and technology portal, actively embracing social enterprise, sustainable development and gender equity.

I’m fascinated by the opportunity blockchain technology opens up for women and those who have been on the fringes of society. The possibilities opening up to individuals, startups, business, governments and organisations to solve problems and bypass our legacy systems are huge.

Adding blockchain as a tool in our toolkit is going to change the world. Creating greater efficiencies, solving what have been considered intractable problems, providing startups with an alternative to raise their own capital to build their business faster with community support is now on the agenda. And believe it or not, startups are helping to shape our world into a better place.

Both Katrina and Akasha outline how useful the technology will be by creating new forms of value in our future economies, which will have significant impact on not only our lives, but particularly those in developing countries. Imagine providing 2.3 billion people currently unbanked with an opportunity for the first time participate in the economy through having a wallet with cryptocurrencies in it? Through their phones, through the apps on their phones and through blockchain technology. They will be able to reorganise into new economies and that is incredibly powerful and that will change the world. For good.

It was gorgeous listening to Akasha talk about blockchain the way she did. As a ‘beautiful field’. It’s incredible technology and one we need to be across. Fast.

A short episode, Katrina had to dive back into the Intersekt Festival where we met, but hoping you find it useful enough to decide to spend some time exploring what blockchain is and where it is being applied. Will be revisiting this technology as a topic regularly with a view to talking to specific startups working with the technology, so watch this space.


Don’t forget you can contact Akasha or Katrina directly through the links above – LinkedIn or through their business’ websites. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch and of course, click on any of the links below to get clarity on the definitions of some of the content brought up in the show.

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