About me

I’m a psychotherapist by profession, a serial thinker and game changer by nature. Having worked in strategic and entrepreneurial roles globally I could be seen as a nomad. I am a communicator and a connector, with cross sector experience in Europe and Australasia in both the private and public sectors, working with people and teams where they are most challenged. I collaborate closely with people in a meaningful way to help them create and sustain their preferred futures and give them the tools and methods they need to achieve this. I am passionate about working with CEOs and individuals in how to communicate authentically, what’s so important is relationships and building them. As people often do business with people they know, like and trust, authenticity is essential.

What I do

I work with people and organisations to develop new relationships and partnerships co-creating fresh ways of thinking and doing as they face future challenges  Translating  this into building more integrated strategies and processes  with an eye firmly on the future. Whilst we are experiencing a time of unprecedented change that’s delivering constant pendulum swings and complex problems, its critical for organisations to remain relevant and future proof themselves in order to sustain their value and contribution to the economy and society long term.

My passion is all about helping people re-frame strategic conversations about the future using foresight and an integrated approach. That is, looking at the future through a lens that integrates people, context, culture and process. It’s a tip of the hat towards understanding that people create their futures each day through their narratives, their conversations, their decisions and their actions that are reflections of their biases, assumptions and learned mindsets.

Why I do it

We are in a time of unprecedented transition. It’s a technaissance disrupting all areas of how we work, play and sustain our fragile ecosystem. It’s time to be bold, take risks, try new things and create strategic partnership models of engagement to solve our economic, social and environmental issues. And one of the biggest challenges businesses face is how to communicate effectively so they attract, retain and engage their customers and clients. Let me help you. 

We have an opportunity now to create a smarter, more integrated ecosystem of communities, businesses and organisations that drive a more cohesive, flexible and inclusive approach to strategic planning, thinking and doing that put people front and centre. 

How I do it

It’s about working with you and your teams to re-embrace the why and how. Giving clarity to the narrative of what makes them tick, why they are there and what keeps them relevant. Building the tools and methods to explore and dive deep to create a more resilient and grounded mindset to ensure you and your organisation can be future ready and stay relevant.

Why? Because it smarter, setting you up to succeed when others may fail – so that you can achieve the impact and success you want today and into the future.

Random facts about me:

I grew up in Perth but left as soon as I could at age 17 to head to work in Paris, the  beginning of my galavanting gypsy days (years)

I have a dog and a cat who occasionally pretend they are friends, but on the whole have a mutual respect for each other….. from afar.

I went to several universities to learn my trade in a range of fields but honestly think my best learning days are ahead of me.

Music makes my heart sing and I am partial to a groove on the dance floor or whenever the mood hits me.

I love lacrosse but don’t play it, so I married a former lacrosse player who makes me laugh. A lot.

I’ve got two feisty teenagers who give me a run for my money in the thinking game, I’ve worked out never to underestimate the out-of-the-box thinking of our youth and how much we need to embrace their ideas and help them succeed.

I care about a lot of things, and want create a better world for all. Don’t you?