This week I had a chance to chat with Jennifer Sertlan internationally recognized influencer in social media. She is President and Founder of Agility3R, a leadership development company dedicated to strengthening strategic skills and helping leaders become more resilient and responsive and she’s a respected thought leader in the emerging field of corporate consciousness. Such a joy having her on the show.

We talked about a few things that excited us and troubled us.

Jennifer shared some insights that were big take aways for me.

“Our issue today is not information overload….it is filter failure.” So true.

“Life is a blood sport and truth telling is hard.”

“You are not a node, you are a frequency.”

I just love her leadership framework using your ‘Elite 18’:

“Every single person has a leadership model. They just need to be asked their elite 18 are and from there create their leadership model – if they emulate who they admire they will actually act in a way conducive to progress, collaboration, and be their personal best.” It made so much sense – it really blew me away.

Jennifer even worked on me during our chat. A value I hold dear is generosity – and it was so uplifting to drill down on what to do with that quality – exploring what journaling and expressing being generous every week could do to enhance my life, my relationships, my work and my ability to lead. Pretty inspiring and made me think of how much I could achieve if I started to apply this kind of practice in my life. Really cool.

We talk about her own elite 18. She includes Elinor Ostrom in it who’s acclaimed work outlines brilliant frames for organizing commons.

Jennifer’s ‘capacity model’ is brilliant too. She’s impeccable in how she uses her ‘wattage’. Honestly, this woman is on fire. So many people she mentioned in our chat, I am going to spend some time myself learning more about who they are and what makes them part of her story and world. It would be worth it.

I love how she feels the work I’m doing is “the compassionate use of wisdom at scale.” Honestly, Jennifer needs to move into branding, she’s sharp and characterises so fast its breathtaking.

We talk about the tokenised world, even down to Mark Pesce and his PAT token – a wild idea, but one that sounded feasible. Super interesting. She threw it out there that if David Bowie was still around she was sure he would have tokenised himself in much the same manner. And we all know how ahead of his time Bowie was. God I loved that man.

Love her ‘reading model’ – she says choose books across all genres – business, philosophy, history, fiction/poetry – shake it up but make sure you read one book a month and stay diverse to keep interested and open. Sage advice.

So loved having Jenn (yeah I’m feeling she’s a soul mate already) on the show, speaking to people like her restores my faith in humanity.

She’s a good one, doing good things, Hope you enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Best way to connect with Jennifer is twitter
Here’s a David Bowie post about tokenisation
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Koby Huberman – co-author of Strategy, Leadership and the Soul:Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection for a Global Economy

Michel Bowens – Founder of the Peer to Peer Foundation
Mark Pesce – Personal Attention Token
Elenor Olstrom – Eight Principles of the Commons

In Time – by Roger Ebert
Eric Hoffer