This week I had the BEST time catching up with Genevieve Leveille, Founder and CEO of Agriledger.     Agriledger is a social impact startup creating crypto ledger and mobile technology solutions for agricultural providers globally. Genevieve is also Co-Chair of the UK’s Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) working group. She’s an ex-banker and identity management professional, she has been a major change agent throughout her career and as such has super useful insights on how DLT can solve current problems in both agriculture but throughout other industries.

In our chat Genevieve talks about how important it is to get your head around the language of new technologies as a first step to learning more and to potentially be a dynamic player in the new economy, irrespective of the industry you’ve come from or what skills you have. AI, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology and a tokenised market will have a huge impact on our culture and economy, the way we interact and the way we transact. So we both talk about the value in learning as much as you can about it, to participate and also to invest. A couple of useful examples were discussed to explain how it will apply in our daily lives, and where there are live applications of it globally. It was really interesting to hear about new innovative models were being applied in the agri industry, ultimately improving the producers’ liquidity, thereby creating more resilient, sustainable businesses on the supply side and transparency and legitimacy for customers across the supply chain.

What I loved about our conversation was the pragmatic way Genevieve explains the tech. It’s well reported that farmers can suffer dire outcomes due to the inflexibility of traditional financial/banking lending cycles. Potentially, through companies like Agriledger, farmers will be in a position to generate income through the creation of their own futures market providing great liquidity when they need it most.

Having worked in the banking sector for many years, I found it really interesting to hear Genevieve’s take on the future of finance in the the economy, and explains why she feels they will still have a major role to play. And brokers too. We talk partnerships, the 4th industrial revolution, husbands who support us and so much more.

Unfortunately my cat Alfie cut the conversation short, I’m really going to have to put the animals away….. such a distraction 😉

Hope you enjoy the show, and of course, let me know if you have interesting people you think I should interview in the tech series, am always up for meeting new people who are doing great things for a compassionate future!! And so is Cha Cha.

Ciao for now!

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Distributed Ledger Technologies working group – UK
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